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During the last two years  Cremys 09 Ltd. successfully developed their own brand LM La Maille successfully presented on the Bulgarian and Balkan market. In early 2012 Cremys 09 Ltd. signed a contract to distribute the brand in France.With built base and experience of its managers ambitions Cremys 09 Ltd. is to continue the successful cooperation with these partners, while further develop markets for goods and services outside of Europe.

 We could suggest you two ways of collaboration:

- Manufacture of garments with materials supplied by you /CMT/
- Manufacture of garments with our materials /finished production/
We remain open for offers regarding  of mixed partnership for different productions in the field of apparel industry.

Ltd. has Cremys09 Ltd and model equipped with CAD / CAM system, a small studio with highly qualified personnel for the development of collections. We have 132 well trained workers and professionals who comply with the agreedquality and time delivery to our customers.