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   Cremys 09 Ltd. also owns specialized production line for products such as ladies knitted blouses, tunics, skirts, pants, vests, jackets, coats of rayon / spandex, cotton / lycra, modal, and others. The line is equipped with the necessary specialist equipment and qualified personnel. This guarantees that contracting our quality products produced in the requested. period.At the same time Cremys 09 Ltd. has a separate production line for light products such as shirts, tunics, dresses, skirts, pants of chiffon, cotton and other veil, equipped respectively with the necessary machinery and equipment and qualified personnel. This ensures our customers produce quality products and fulfilled deadlines.

Cutting compartment Cremys09 Ltd. is equipped with two cutting tables, two sawmills, gang saws and appropriate qualified staff for the timely and perfect tailoring of products.Cremys 09 Ltd. owns separate storage areas for materials and finished products, equipped with an information program and the possibility of exchanging documents between different units.Each line has a quality control during production and at the end of the chain. Upon entry of articles in stock of finished products have established a system of independent monitoring to ensure 100% quality to its customers.